Serdar Selamet co-authored a journal paper publication in Fire Safety Journal

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Serdar Selamet's research paper with joint collaboration of University of Manchester (Prof. Yong C. Wang) and Royal Academy of Engineering Newton Fund is published in Fire Safety Journal. This research will pave the way to ensure fire door inspection after minor or moderate earthquakes in structures.


Two new publications are co-authored by Nilüfer Özyurt Zihnioğlu

The paper entitled “Evaluation of mechanical properties and structural behaviour of concrete pavements produced with virgin and recycled aggregates: an experimental and numerical study” of Sustainable Construction Materials Group headed by Dr. Nilüfer Özyurt Zihnioğlu has been published in “International Journal of Pavement Engineering” (Q1). 

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Ilgın Gökaşar joins the International panel in collaboration with Pomeroy Academy

Ilgın Gökaşar attended an online seminar on “The role of smart city projects in sustainability and resilience”, which took place between 14.00-15.00 on Monday, December 20, 2021, organized in collaboration with Pomeroy Academy. 

Following Prof. Jason Pomeroy ‘s speech on “Culture, Innovation and Smart Zone”, Lean Doody, together with Cüneyt TAŞKESEN, Dr. Ilgın  Gökaşar, and Yelda Reis, evaluated new ways for the resilient and smart cities of tomorrow.

Ilgın Gökaşar served as program committee member and chairperson at Eurocast 2022

Ilgın Gökaşar served as Eurocast 2022, 18th International Conference on Computer-Aided Systems Theory ( Program Committee member and Chairperson of the session titled “Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining for Intelligent Transportation System and Smart Mobility”


Eurocast 2022, 20-25 February 2022 (

Ilgın Gökaşar delivered a seminar at the “Equality in the City” event, titled “Equity of Mobility in the City”.

Within the scope of MARUF (Marmara Urban Forum held on October 1st-3rd  2021) by the Union of Marmara Municipalities the Maruf 21 'Equality in the City' Networking Event was held online on Saturday, 2nd October between 14.30-15.30 in cooperation with Boğaziçi University - Istinye University and Marmara University.

Ilgın Gökaşar presented 9 conference papers in ACE 2020-21 and 1 conference paper in IEEE INISTA 2021

Ilgın Gokasar presented 9 conference papers in ACE 2020-21 14th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering and 1 conference paper in IEEE INISTA 2021.


IEEE INISTA 2021 Kocaeli, Turkey, August 26-27, 2021


  1. Gokasar, I. and A. Timurogullari (2021) Real-Time Prediction of Traffic Density with Deep Learning Using Computer Vision and Traffic Event Information, IEEE INISTA 2021 Kocaeli, Turkey, August 26-27, 2021


New Publication by Ilgın Gökaşar in Environment Development and Sustainability journal

New publication co-authored by Ilgın Gökaşar entitled " Fuzzy Hamacher WASPAS decision-making model for advantage prioritization of sustainable supply chain of electric ferry implementation in public transportation” has been published in Environment Development and Sustainability.

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New conference papers by Nilüfer Özyurt Zihnioğlu and her colleagues

Nilüfer Özyurt Zihnioğlu and her colleagues published the following  conference proceedings: 
Design of low-CO2 cement-based binder for additive manufacturing, M. Aydın, Z. B. Bundur, N. Özyurt, M.A. Gülgün, Proceedings of the International Conference on Cement-Based Materials Tailored for a Sustainable Future, pp. 273-280, May 27-29, 2021, Istanbul, Turkey.